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Former Catalan minister Clara Ponsati, wanted in Spain for her role in the region's unilateral bid for independence in 2017, was arrested by Scottish police on Thursday.
A police statement added that the Rock's terrorism threat is currently 'substantial', meaning that 'an attack is a strong possibility'
UPDATED: Riot squads from the French Gendarme moved in to clear the highway linking France and Spain at La Jonquera border on Tuesday morning, dragging protesters from their camps and firing tear gas.
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POLICIA Nacional have launched a campaign to tackle a growing epidemic of ‘affectionate’ pickpockets in Andalucia.  The police force will be holding talks across public and private institutions in Jerez to inform the public of the tricks of the trade of the scammers. It will also aim to inform the elderly on how they can […]
Police located the illegal buses in areas of Spain as far-flung as Madrid, Toledo, Valencia, Malaga, Almeria and Zaragoza
BENIDORM police have been slammed after emails reveal they allowed missing British man Philip Pearce walk out of a police station into the dead of night in a clearly ‘confused and disoriented’ state. The family of the great-grandfather are now demanding answers from Benidorm police over why he was released on September 10, at 3am, […]
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TWO Royal Gibraltar Police officers have been hurt after objects were thrown at their faces from a boat believed to be carrying cannabis resin.
A police statement said staff were forced to sign off their criminally-low payslips or face the threat of being sacked
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Police broke down the front door of the establishment, before rescuing the 'screaming' girls and placing them in the care of their mother
A PRIEST has been arrested after allegedly sexually abusing a 17-year-old church-goer. The 49-year-old allegedly took advantage of the girl, knowing her family were extremely poor, by paying her €50 each time he abused her. He also told her he had recorded the abuse and that he would send the video to everyone she knew [?]
British authorities have since backtracked on the comments, trying to pass them off as a misunderstanding.
Police have so far seized a villa, a high-end vehicle, some €160,000 in bank accounts and cash, high-value jewelry, evidence such as documentation, among other effects.
A fight was organised between the two sides, and when it took place, police made attempts to bring it under control, leading to a number of arrests.

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