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EUROPEAN policing organisation Europol has warned people to beware of an explosion of cyber fraud during the coronavirus lockdown. Criminals are taking advantage of the pandemic to target unsuspectingpeople during the crisis. They are using the names of unsuspectingbusinessmen such as billionaire Inditex boss Amancio Ortega to try andlure their victims in. Through his foundation […]
The criminal gang allegedly smuggled large quantities of cocaine from Barcelona into Mallorca
A group of residents ignored government orders to remain indoors in order to stop a car theft
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DESPITE urban and rural crimes being fewer in number due to lock-down restrictions, domestic crime is the main concern for Murcia University's, Álvaro Pintado. The Professor of Criminology at the UMU warns that, “co-existence often enhances aspects of psychopathy, which may lead to gender violence or cybercrime.'? Pintado agrees that if that focus is maintained, […]
SIXTY-EIGHT people, including 10 in Spain, have been arrested for a series of Fast and Furious-style heists from moving lorries. The Romanian gang are suspected of stealing from moving lorries whose drivers remained oblivious to the crime. Police say the criminals specialised in the high-speed crimes that targeted lorries on motorways across Europe and netted […]
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FIGURES reveal terrifying telephone scam that has claimed over 1,500 victims in Spain. The scam, known as the 'virtual kidnapping' scam, has been traced to South America by authorities after a number of people have been intercepted going to their banks to deposit large sums of money. The scheme involves the criminals calling people, apparently […]
A RECORD-BREAKING haul of hidden narcotics was recovered by Spanish authorities this week, buried within massive blocks of marble. Following a complicated and international investigation, a criminal gang of five was found to have stashed 752Kg of pure ‘meth’. A fake import / export company was set up by five men, who intended transporting the […]
DEAN Woods aka Simon Corner has been jailed for 12 years for his involvement in a large scale Liverpool drug trafficking operation.  Woods, 37, long suspected of being involved in the disappearance of his Scottish girlfriend Lisa Brown in southern Spain, was one of six to be sent down. The Merseyside criminal group has been […]
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A criminal investigation has been launched into one of the world's most powerful football agents
POLICE have made 42 arrests for trafficking stolen waste in Madrid. The criminal group is suspected of stealing waste and trafficking it from Spain to Asia. The Guardia Civil led the investigation supported by Europol and the Fiscalía de Medio Ambiente y Urbanismo, cracking down on the large criminal network involved in environmental crime and […]
THE current abortion law in Gibraltar is 'archaic and out of date' according to a top UK charity who is supporting its decriminalisation.
PRISON guards in Spain have warned that mini phones being smuggled into prisons are allowing criminals to continue their work behind bars.  The devices, measuring as small as a big toe or finger, are brazenly being sold on Facebook as ‘phones for prisoners’. The plastic phones work with a micro SIM card and have a […]
THE Policia National has detained 34 members of a criminal network allegedly involved in illegal immigration. Those arrested were held for crimes of forgery, promotion of illegal crime and belonging to a criminal organization. In the police operation named 'Llama', agents arrested 28 foreigners and six Spaniards. Arrests were carried out in Malaga (18 people), […]

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