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A TRAVELLING gang of safe robbers have been caught in a Policia Nacional swoop. Agents broke up the transient group of six dangerous criminals who specialised in opening safes with thermal lances and oxy-acetylene torches. Police sources say they operated throughout Spain, carrying out 23 robberies with force in Madrid, Lugo, Oviedo, León and Valdepeñas […]
THE MTK Marbella boxing gym, which was originally co-funded by Irish gang boss Daniel Kinahan will not reopen after its coronavirus lockdown. Opened by former Irish, British and European champion Matthew Macklin '? who has no link to criminality – in 2013 it was originally called MGM (Macklin's Gym Marbella). Initially it brought a  lot […]
WEAPONS of war, explosives and firearms have been seized in a nationwide swoop with 21 arrests. Policia Nacional worked with a number of other law agencies across 15 Spanish provinces to smash the trafficking network, involving a terrifying array of arms. In what police sources say was 'one of the largest criminal networks dedicated to […]
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A WELL known high-end Spanish criminal has been arrested on the Costa del Sol.
POLICIA Nacional have rescued five women while dismantling a 15-strong human trafficking gang in the Murcia town of Cartagena The criminals also smuggled drugs into the country, as well as women destined for a life in prostitution. The five victims were holed up in a grotty basement of the duplex property that was used as […]
TWO hunters have been convicted for the shooting of an Iberian wolf back in 2015. The shooting took place on November 29 in the town of Tornadizos in the province of Avila, central Spain. The Criminal Court of Avila recognised that the two hunters illegally shot and killed the protected animal with an unlicensed shotgun […]
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THE Guardia Civil in collaboration with the Mossos have dismantled an international criminal organisation that trafficked over 1,000 people from Africa to Europe.
THREE people have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping, torture and murder of a man in Spain. Police believe that criminals were trying to force the victim to reveal where a 'large amount' of money '? the proceeds of drugs crime '? was hidden. An investigation began when a battered body was found on […]
THE Ayuntamiento of Cordoba has become the latest victim of cyber crime after an online scam left it €400,000 out of pocket. The Urban Planning Department, or ‘Urbanismo’ was conned by online fraudsters who used a ‘fake official document’ to trick the Town Hall into making the large payment into the criminals account. The payment […]
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POLICE in Spain have shut down 16 illegal operations that were fishing for baby eels in the environmentally sensitive mouth of the River Guadalquivir. Baby eels, or elvers, are a highly lucrative catch, especially on the Asian black market. Criminal gangs have made millions smuggling the still live creatures by air to sell on in […]
A VIOLENT conman has been arrested in Velez-Malaga over the death of an elderly man during a botched home invasion. A police investigation began after reports of several violent break-ins on elderly residents in the Axarquia area. In the case, revealed by the Guardia Civil, the alleged criminal, 54, entered the home of a 70-year-old […]
A GLOBAL policing organisation has warned that hospitals have become targets for ransom attacks on their computer systems. Interpol says that its Cybercrime Threat Response team has detected a significant increase in the number of attempted ransomware attacks against key organisations and infrastructure engaged in the coronavirus response. Cybercriminals are attempting to use ransomware to […]
POLICIA Nacional arrested a pair of serial thieves fleeing from a Cartagena bar, last week. Observant locals had contacted police after witnessing a fruit shop, and then the pub, being broken into. However, despite fleeing in different directions, officers soon caught up with the pair, aged 21 and 40, thanks to their escape being hindered […]
EUROPEAN policing organisation Europol has warned people to beware of an explosion of cyber fraud during the coronavirus lockdown. Criminals are taking advantage of the pandemic to target unsuspectingpeople during the crisis. They are using the names of unsuspectingbusinessmen such as billionaire Inditex boss Amancio Ortega to try andlure their victims in. Through his foundation […]

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