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I'm sure as you all read this, you'll be sat in the safety of your homes, the cleanest they've ever been, surrounded by toilet roll and hand sanitiser!  So here we are living in what is beginning to feel like some bizarre dystopian future, a world that feels like it has ground to a halt. […]
With an increase in the divorce rate in the over-50s, sexual promiscuity is on the increase.  On par with this increase, there has also been a rise in the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases STDs as 60 becomes the new 20.  Genital warts and gonorrhea cases have jumped by 56% in the last 10 years […]
A MEDICAL expert has said incontinence pants are ‘standard international practice’ after a British pensioner accused a Spanish hospital for putting him in a ‘nappy’. Expert medical witness and Olive Press columnist Jeremy Kenton said that incontinence pants are ‘commonly used’ to prevent a risk of infection when caring for patients suffering lapses of consciousness. […]
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Thanks for everything Ed '? for your adopted family you were one mighty special pooch
So this is Christmas, and what have I done? The truth is… not much.  You see, something dreadful happened to us that stopped me getting in my elf outfit on November 30, ordering Alexa to play Christmas tunes (with a strict ban on Mariah Carey, as she really grinds my gears) and starting work on […]
One of the disadvantages of living in a beautiful climate in Spain is humidity and moisture in the summer, and even in the winter.  We have all stood in supermarket queues and smelt a faint odor from the clothes of fellow queuers. Or, we have glanced at the bottom of shower curtains and the grouting […]
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FORGET what you've heard. The Spanish police do care for animals. My husband Rod has been there on the front line with Policía Nacional, their weapons drawn, ready to defend the freedom of a starving horse. This was the case with the incredible rescue of Diplomat. It was in San Javier this time, where someone […]
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