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Click Master - Website Analytics & Online Advertising Manangement

Click Master Website Management

Manage your website, PPC adverts, and other advertising campaigns with LIVE detailed information and analysis of all visitors to your website.

Know many visitors have you had today? From where? From which advert? When? What pages on your website are they looking at? How long did they stay?

With Click Master you can zoom into your visitors behaviour on your website, from the very second they arrive, to the very second they leave.

Track the responce to your pay per click adverts in Google AdWords, MSN, Yahoo and all your other internet marketing.

Track your Facebook and other social media promotions, Track your banner adverts, Track your email campaigns.

Take better control of your advertising budget, ROI, website management, and website security with Click Master website analytics.

Click Master is installed in seconds. Then see what's happening on your website instantly.

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Click Master Website Management